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Helena Brady, Fantasy Author

Helena Brady is an 18 year-old published author from Ireland. She took an interest in writing at 8 years old, and began her first novel at 14. 

Q: What do you love about writing?

A: “I love how freeing and liberating writing is. Sometimes I find it hard to express my thoughts and ideas verbally, but writing allows me to express myself creatively and it gives me a voice so I can share my ideas and stories with other people.”

Q: What genres do you specialize in?

A: “I mix a lot of genres in my writing. I mainly write New Adult Fantasy novels, with dashes of Horror and Thriller elements to them. I love to write anything dark and disturbing, really. I've always been drawn to those kind of books and stories, and that just translated into my own writing.”

Q: What’s your most recent published work?

A: “The Secrets of the Forest is my debut novel. It is a YA Paranormal Fantasy book. It follows the story of teenager Sarah-Rose who has decided to venture into the Forest on the outskirts of her village, despite being warned against it. She discovers some distressing and horrifying secrets that the Forest has been hiding within its trees.”

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: “I am currently editing my novel Illusion. It is a New Adult Urban Fantasy novel. The story is about Ravyn who, 12 years ago, witnessed her mother's murder by a man made of shadow. Nobody believes her, and she soon realises nobody else can see these people who hide in the darkness. Until she meets Brook, who claims she can also see these people, and tells Ravyn there are others like her...”

Helena’s “The Secrets of the Forest”:

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