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Hannah Cao, Poetry Author

Hannah Cao is a 23 year-old published author from Germany. She began writing short stories when she was 13, then moved on to poetry, free verse and novel writing.

Q: What do you love about writing? 

A: “The unleashing of creativity, the shameless truth and vulnerability, putting your deepest feelings and secrets onto paper and into the universe, the connection you can establish with your writing which will touch other people.”

Q: What type of writing do you produce? Why have you chosen this genre? 

A: “I have written and published poetry and free verse so far, although I also write romance, drama and mystery novels. I opt for free verse and poetry often when I write about my feelings because it is a romantic language for me and I like to romanticise my life like in the movies and the songs. I love reading poetry and appreciate free verse as to me, it is an expression and an art, and it connects a lot of people. I write novels in different genres because I love reading those genres myself and enjoy trying out my own hand at them.”

Q: What’s your most recent released project?

A: “My poetry and free verse collection Seashore is available on Amazon. In Seashore, I wrote about my broken family, growing up with an absent and hurtful father, grief, finding family outside your home. I wrote about falling in love, getting my heart broken, breaking others’ hearts. I wrote about mental illness, especially depression, and I wrote about living in my favourite city London, and how I connected with it as a home outside of my home. I wrote about my lover who has shown me all the Good Firsts in love that made me believe in love and romance again. All in all, Seashore is structured like the tide and ebb, the ups and downs of growing up, ending with a section about self-love and self-acceptance, finishing off with a positive and hopeful – hopefully comforting and encouraging – note.”

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: “I am currently putting together a mini-series of themed poems for my readers and followers, as well as writing on three different novels. I can’t say what they are about yet and can’t disclose titles, but the themes include mental illness, drama, romance, chick-lit feel, and murder mystery.”

Hannah's "Seashore": https://www.amazon.com/Seashore-Hannah-Cao/dp/B084WG2FDY

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