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Bonnie Synclaire, Realistic Fiction and Thriller Author

Bonnie Synclaire is an 18 year-old published author from the Pittsburg Area, USA. She began writing when she was 4, and started submitting her stories into competitions in the third grade.

Q: What do you love about writing? A: "I love how writing can resonate with readers by bringing out emotions or thoughts or new perspectives, and how a story can entertain while also educate readers on topics they may not already be familiar with. I also love how I can escape into the worlds I’d made and create something bigger than myself, like a novel."

Q: Why have you chosen realistic fiction and thriller as your primary genres? A: "I chose the realistic fiction genre because that was what I naturally wrote from a young age, and I love how the genre can bring tough topics to light in an entertaining yet effective way. I chose the thriller genre because I love books that are fast-paced and unpredictable, and I also love how my favorite thrillers have unreliable narrators, high stakes, and love interests that add intrigue to a story’s plot."

Q: What's your most recent released project? A: "My latest release is PROMISES WE BREAK, my Young Adult Realistic Fiction novel about two teens from autism families and opposite ends of the social ladder who find unexpected refuge in each other while protecting their nonverbal-autistic siblings from their fears. It is a “tender story of two teens who have a lot more in common than it seems on the surface. Synclaire elevates themes of acceptance and commitment in this deeply evocative narrative” and will be available on June 24th in paperback and ebook on all major online retailers, and is the first in the Blue Valley Nights series."

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: "I am currently plotting the next few books in the Blue Valley Nights series and revamping my espionage thriller series I published when I was 16 years old. My website has all of the details."

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